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The Benefits of Probiotic Deodorant

The Benefits of Probiotic Deodorant
It seems pretty clear that using deodorant has some self explanatory benefits. You smell better, you don’t sweat as much and thus, you gain confid...

Does Probiotic Skin Care Work?

blog post cover image of woman applying skin care product to her face with the title of the article and the green theory logo pictured
Is it worth it? Should you give probiotics a try?

5 Health and Personal Care Products That Are Quietly Killing You

Sick man sitting up in bed with a thermometer in mouth
Shampoo Everyone loves clean shiny hair. Using shampoo comes with the promise of not only the feeling of clean, healthy hair and scalp but also th...

5 Reasons Real Men Switch to Natural Deodorant

anxious man sitting at the edge of a bed with disappointed woman in the background
Why you should make the switch too.

Does Probiotic Deodorant Work?

microscope image of bacteria with neptune natural deodorant, blog title and green theory logo overlay
You’ve decided to start making the switch to natural products, congratulations! You’re taking the first of some really significant steps to improv...

Is Natural Deodorant Good for People With Sensitive Skin?

man touching his face and applying cream
Here, we address the question "Is natural deodorant good for people with sensitive skin".

Not Just For Chocolate! 5 Uses for Cocoa Butter

picture of cocoa butter on a wooden table
You're probably pretty familiar with cocoa butter like.....really familiar as it's mainly used for chocolate production - this is in fact the bigg...

5 Ways to Improve Your Life With Clary Sage Essential Oil

bottle of clary sage essential oil surrounded by flowers
In this blog post, we'll continue to talk about the incredible benefits of essential oils. Have you gotten a diffuser yet? Today's edition feature...

What You Think You Know About Sweat Is Wrong!

high speed photograph of man shaking his head with sweat flying off his face and hair
It's weird being a deodorant company. It's something most everyone uses - by the way, did you know 8% of the United States population reports that ...

Stress Sweats?! Yikes!

nervous or overheating man wiping sweat from his forehead
It's human nature. We've all been there before at some time or another. It's the type of sweating the strikes right before the huge interview, the ...

Nutmeg Essential Oil - It's More Than Just a Baking Ingredient

nutmeg essential oil in a clear glass bottle on a wooden table with nuts and grater in the background
Close your eyes and think about nutmeg. That's a weird directive, I know. My point in asking was simply to demonstrate that when it comes to nutmeg...

Five Health Benefits of Juniper Essential Oil and How to Use it.

close up of juniper berries on a tree
Juniperus communis - It's a relatively short, coniferous tree in the cypress family native to Bulgaria that is now spread across most of the north...