The Benefits of Probiotic Deodorant

It seems pretty clear that using deodorant has some self explanatory benefits. You smell better, you don’t sweat as much and thus, you gain confidence because of it. But, there are even more benefits behind doing it in a natural way.

Maybe, you are a person that has been using natural products for some time because it’s the better choice, but you don’t really know why?

Maybe, you are a person that is just now deciding if it’s a bang for your buck to make the switch? 

No matter what brought you to this point, let’s talk about why it’s worth it.

Over the years, Green Theory has found a lot of people that are unaware of the effects that antiperspirants and chemical based deodorants have on the body. Although people are becoming more awakened to these facts, there are still more details behind the mystery of underarm health.  While people have heard the discussion that aluminum may cause cancer, what seems to fly under the radar is how it changes your body's natural microbiome too.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. 

What the heck is a microbiome? 

Let’s start there. 

It’s simple, a microbiome is a collection of microorganisms in a particular environment. In this case, that environment is your armpit and bacteria is supposed to be there. Actually, bacteria is really supposed to be everywhere, and the importance lies in the balance of the good and the bad.

After researching just how important this particular microbiome is, there are studies dating back to the 1950’s showing the importance behind the composition of skin biomes and how they contribute to body odor. So, people have been wondering what the benefits of natural care versus chemicals care are for a while. Clearly, no one wants to stink and they don’t want any side effects from trying to stop their stink either. You’re not alone in the search for a better body and how to achieve it.

When you use antiperspirant deodorant, which contains aluminum, your underarm changes by adding foreign bacteria into that microbiome. It’s true that antiperspirants help keep you from stinking but only because it is clogging up the leak. Because of this clog, antiperspirants create a whole different environment all together. And, it’s an environment that becomes a dependency because when you stop using that antiperspirant your smell and sweat come back twice as strong.

That’s not really peace of mind, if you ask me.

Aside from aluminum, there is one other major difference between commercial and natural deodorants. Which are, parabens.

Parabens are used in a wide variety of cosmetics products, but commonly in deodorant. Parabens are chemicals that act as preservatives to help prevent growth of harmful bacteria and mold. This is intended to protect the product and the user, but it doesn’t always workout that way in the long run. In fact, over time, this causes an unbalance in your underarm and adds bacteria that shouldn’t be there.

From the perspective of the childhood folktale The Tortoise and The Hare, you can say the same about trying to fix your pit stink with parabens and aluminum verses giving your microbiome probiotics to naturally correct your odor. Sure, using products that stop bacteria growth and clog your pores is faster, but it doesn’t win the race. Actually, in the end you lose because it creates more of a problem for your underarm health. 

We already have enough problems to deal with, why would we want more?

For those of you that stick to commercial brands because natural deodorants don’t help with your stink or sweat, we offer you Green Theory.

We offer you all the same benefits of a natural deodorant, but with an added ingredient that targets change in the way your body wants it.

At Green Theory we understand that the reason you wear deodorant is because of the “self explanatory” benefits. You want to smell better, you want to sweat less and that gives you confidence. We know from personal experience that making the switch can be harder if you can’t even stand to be near yourself. We all want to smell good and make friends.

And so, we created probiotic deodorant that targets a healthy, balanced underarm because we want that peace of mind. And, we want others to have it too.

Probiotics help to balance the bacteria that live in your microbiome. They strengthen the good ones and put them to work, especially when you’re working out. Which means that your daily run also acts as your daily detox.

As your body adjusts, your stink will too and it won’t be because you’re covering it up with something else that doesn’t belong there. Your body will adjust because of the balance that probiotics can bring. A balanced underarm will begin to produce less sweat and odor. 

Now, that’s the kind of thing that gives you all day confidence. Wouldn’t you agree?

Are you a person who struggles with stains from underarm sweat?

Well, Green Theory thought of that too. With a healthier underarm, there are less toxins and bad bacteria to get rid of and therefore it's a more natural sweat. Clear like water and no more yellow rings on your white undershirt. Furthermore, it’s also believed that the aluminum in commercial deodorant may be responsible for those unsightly yellow stains because it interacts with the bacteria feeding off sweat and the byproduct of this interaction are the yellow stains. Since Green Theory all natural, probiotic deodorant is also aluminum free, there’s nothing to be concerned about! No stains any way you slice it.

Overall, Green Theory makes the switch worth it and easier to commit to because we offer a solution and not just a cover up. Like most issues in life, you can’t just sweep it under the rug because it won’t stay covered up forever. With the help of probiotics, we can address our bacterial imbalances and treat the side effects in a natural way that becomes long lasting.

If you’re tired of depending on deodorant and want a difference in how your underarm operates, then we encourage you to give Green Theory a try. You deserve to be free of the fear that stink and sweat can bring. You deserve confidence.

To help you get to a more balanced microbiome and your fresh pits and peace of mind, we’re offering a special 15% discount code that can be used on your entire first order. Use code GTPROBIOTICDEO. Click the logo or any of the menu items above to get started!

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