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Conversation COVID: Personal Discussion of Pandemic Effects on Small Businesses.

Conversation COVID: Personal Discussion of Pandemic Effects on Small Businesses.
What a year. Am I right? As if these times aren’t hard enough on a personal level, it seems like the world as we know it is slowly falling apart. ...

Right in the thick of it… The Benefits of Arrowroot Powder in Natural Deodorant

image of abowl of arrowroot powder with cut roots in the background. Text reading "right in the thick of it...the benefits of arrowroot powder in natural deodorant"
  Or, maybe it’s just used as a thickener. Do you really know all the benefits of arrowroot powder? I’ll be honest, I didn’t until this whole pro...

Does Probiotic Skin Care Work?

blog post cover image of woman applying skin care product to her face with the title of the article and the green theory logo pictured
Is it worth it? Should you give probiotics a try?

Why You Want Bentonite Clay in Your Natural Deodorant

bowl filled with bentonite clay and spoon with title overlay
  Clay in deodorant?! How would that make any sense? I know but hear me out here, there’s some pretty significant benefits to bentonite clay that ...

Customer Spotlight: Ruken Santos

picture of ruken santos holding radiant probiotic natural deodorant
Customer Spotlight: Ruken Santos of

Probiotics and Body Odor

microscope image of bacteria with title and green theory logo overlay
Body odor may not be what you think it is. Theres a strong link between the bacteria on our skin and our health. Here you'll learn why a probiotic deodorant may be safer and more effective in the long term than a commercial deodorant.

5 Health and Personal Care Products That Are Quietly Killing You

Sick man sitting up in bed with a thermometer in mouth
Shampoo Everyone loves clean shiny hair. Using shampoo comes with the promise of not only the feeling of clean, healthy hair and scalp but also th...

5 Reasons Real Men Switch to Natural Deodorant

anxious man sitting at the edge of a bed with disappointed woman in the background
Why you should make the switch too.

Does Probiotic Deodorant Work?

microscope image of bacteria with neptune natural deodorant, blog title and green theory logo overlay
You’ve decided to start making the switch to natural products, congratulations! You’re taking the first of some really significant steps to improvi...

Life Gets Better With Bergamot Essential Oil! 7 Uses That Will Dramatically Change Life.

bergamot fruit sliced in half with blog title overlay
    If you’re into essential oils you’ve probably come across bergamot. It’s incredibly popular as an essential oil but if you’re unfamiliar (or ma...

Steer Clear! 5 Toxic Ingredients to Avoid in Your Deodorant

detour sign
Five ingredients (chemicals) you'll want to avoid in your deodorant.

Is Natural Deodorant Good for People With Sensitive Skin?

man touching his face and applying cream
Here, we address the question "Is natural deodorant good for people with sensitive skin".