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How Grapefruit Deodorant Will Help You Lose Weight and Other Benefits of Grapefruit Essential Oil

brown bottle of grapefruit essential oil surrounded by cut grapefruit
It has been well known for quite some time that grapefruit can aid in weight loss. What has become new information in this pursuit is the same weig...

Radiant Probiotic Deodorant - A Rose Explosion For the Senses

Radiant Probiotic Deodorant - A Rose Explosion For the Senses
From Fragrancex.com: "Topping one of the world’s most popular fragrances is a daunting challenge, but Flowerbomb Rose Explosion picks up the gauntl...

Arrowroot Powder, It's Not Just For Gravy!

shallow bowl of arrowroot powder
Benefits and uses of arrowroot powder

The 7 Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil You Need to Know About

purple bottle of lavender essential oil with lavender flowers
7 Benefits of lavender essential oil

Scent Masking and Your Invisibility Cloak for Hunting

close up of deers nose
Tips for reducing your scent while hunting. Scent masking, natural, probiotic deodorant and hunting deodorant.

The Wonders of Shea Butter and How You Can Use it.

shea nuts with a bowl filled with shea butter
Likely, you've seen the name "shea butter" in many of the personal care products along the shelves in stores. Maybe you're already using products s...

7 Benefits of Vetiver Essential Oil and How to Use it.

vetiver root on white background
7 benefits of vetiver essential oil and how to use it.

6 Health Benefits of Pine Essential Oil

brown glass bottle of pine essential oil and pine boughs
Ahhhh.....pine, that squeaky clean scent of all things clean.  Haling scientifically from the genus "Pinus", pine has been revered for it cleansing...

Never Forget to Wear Cologne or Perfume Again!

Never Forget to Wear Cologne or Perfume Again!
Green Theory After Dark and Evening Wear collections blog post

What is an Underarm Detox? Should I Give it a Try?

woman with upraised arm looking at her underarm
Today's topic is one that's probably a little foreign to many although being that you clicked on the article, no surprise, underarm detoxing. Yes, ...

10 Surprisingly Awesome Uses for Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil in a jar surrounded by coconuts
At Green Theory, we're interested in healthy lifestyles and doing whatever we can to live better. Many natural products offer solutions to problems...

Why You Don't Want Aluminum in Your Deodorant

aluminum rods with blog title and green theory logo overlay
You just reached the end of the line on your deodorant screw and you can see the plastic through the middle of your deodorant. Now you've got to or...