Five Health Benefits of Juniper Essential Oil and How to Use it.

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Juniperus communis - It's a relatively short, coniferous tree in the cypress family native to Bulgaria that is now spread across most of the northern hemisphere. There are more than 60 species of Juniper. Juniper trees form berries that resemble blueberries in look but taste one and you'll see that appearance is where the similarities end. The berries are most commonly associated with the production of gin however, there are many other benefits to incoporating juniper into your life that are much healthier than gin!

Research has shown that juniper berries contain at least 87 chemical compunds and are extremely high in flavonoid and polyphenols which are antioxidants. They have been seen as being both mentally and physically protective. In Medieval times, juniper berries were even thought to ward off witches. In later times, French hospitals would burn juniper berries to help ward of bacterial and fungal infections.

We now have juniper essential oil that can be utilized to improve health with their wide variety of applications including remedies for sore throat and other respiratory infections, fatigue, muscle aches and arthritis. Let's explore some of the possibilities:

Juniper Essential Oil Improves Digestion and Relieves Bloating

Juniper berries are considered to be a "bitter" herb that stimulates the digestive process. When this happens, digestive enzymes are stimulated which helps break down fats, proteins and nutrients from the food we eat. While this has not been definitively proven in humans, it has been shown to be true in animal studies. 

Juniper is also an natural detoxifier and diuretic. These properties make it an excellent candidate to help relieve bloating and stomach distress. 

To use juniper essential oil for digestive purposes, you can add a drop or two to water or a smoothie but make sure that you are using a high grade oil before you start doing so. 

Juniper Essential Oil Heals and Protects Skin

Juniper essential oil is used extensively for it's ability to fight skin irritations, infection and rash. Due to its strong antiseptic qualities, juniper essential oil is also used to treat acne. Juniper oil can also be added to shampoo and contioner to aid with dandruff and help naturally soften hair. 

For skin use, add a few drops to a carrier oil such as coconut oil, mix it up and then apply. Start with a small amount of oil at first and apply it to a very small area as a test to make sure your skin doesn't react to the oil. Once you've established you have no reaction, you can add a few more drops and apply generously as needed.

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Juniper Essential Oil As A Relaxant and Sleep Aid

The smell of juniper berries has been known in folklore to offer emotional support and reducing stress. Some sources clain that juniper oil is one of the most effective stress reducing oils when inhaled. 

According to an article on Dr., "One study tested an essential oil fragrance that combined juniper berry essential oil with sandalwood, rose and orris. Examining its effect on insomniacs who were taking medication for their condition, researchers found that 26 of the 29 subjects were able to reduce their drug dosage when using the essential oil fragrance at night. Twelve subjects were able to eliminate medications altogether." Those are some pretty significant results. 

To use juniper essential oil to help relax or with sleep, simply put a few drops of oil into your essential oil diffuser, sit back put your feet up and chill out. See you in dream land!

Juniper Esssential Oil is Antibacterial

 Looking for a household cleaning product that doesn't contains chemicals? Look no further than the antibacterial power of juniper essential oil! Some studies have suggested that the antimicrobial power of juniper essential oil may even be strong enough to kill off those pesky strains of bacteria that are resistent to chemical cleaners and antibiotics. Combine that with the antifungal ability of the oil and you've got yourself a house that would make Mr. Clean proud. 

Try mixing a little juniper essential oil into some soap and water or water and vinegar mixture and wipe down as you normally would. You can also diffuse juniper essential oil which will absorb other house odors while helping to prevent mold and bacteria growth.

Juniper Essential Oil In Your Deodorant

With the fresh scent and odor killing powers of juniper essential oil, it makes a great deodorant scent! Green Theory offers two scents containing juniper essential oil, Juniper and Lavender & Evergreen. All Green Theory natural aluminum free, probiotic deodorants are made with 100% natural ingredients. We harness the odor killing power of probiotics, the detoxifying ability of bentonite clay and the peace of mind with our effective natural formula to keep you smelling fresh and clean all day long! Today, you can get 15% off your purchase of your first Green Theory probiotic deodorants with code GTJUNIPER at checkout! Click one of the links to get started!

Which Essential Oils Mix Well With Juniper Essential Oil?

Juniper essential oil, known for its crisp, woody scent, blends harmoniously with a variety of other essential oils to create aromatic symphonies. It pairs exceptionally well with the fresh, citrus notes of bergamot or grapefruit, bringing a bright and uplifting vibe to the mix. For a more grounding and comforting blend, juniper can be combined with the earthy tones of cedarwood or the herbal warmth of rosemary. If you're aiming for a blend that's rich and soothing, adding a touch of lavender or clary sage can introduce a soft, floral complexity that complements juniper's piney sharpness. These combinations not only smell wonderful but can also enhance the therapeutic effects of the oils, making them a great choice for both diffusing and topical applications in aromatherapy.

Share your uses for juniper essential below! Did we miss anything?



  • Karen Armstrong

    Juniper essential oil is also known for its detoxifying properties. It helps cleanse the body by promoting the elimination of toxins through increased urination. It also supports liver function and improves digestion. Use it in aromatherapy, diluted in a carrier oil, or add a few drops to a bath for detoxification benefits. Read more:
    You might find it helpful to explore the link.

  • Nazeer

    sir i have alot of juniper if u need

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