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5 Ways to Improve Your Life With Clary Sage Essential Oil

bottle of clary sage essential oil surrounded by flowers
In this blog post, we'll continue to talk about the incredible benefits of essential oils. Have you gotten a diffuser yet? Today's edition feature...

Nutmeg Essential Oil - It's More Than Just a Baking Ingredient

nutmeg essential oil in a clear glass bottle on a wooden table with nuts and grater in the background
Close your eyes and think about nutmeg. That's a weird directive, I know. My point in asking was simply to demonstrate that when it comes to nutmeg...

Five Health Benefits of Juniper Essential Oil and How to Use it.

close up of juniper berries on a tree
Juniperus communis - It's a relatively short, coniferous tree in the cypress family native to Bulgaria that is now spread across most of the north...

How Grapefruit Deodorant Will Help You Lose Weight and Other Benefits of Grapefruit Essential Oil

brown bottle of grapefruit essential oil surrounded by cut grapefruit
It has been well known for quite some time that grapefruit can aid in weight loss. What has become new information in this pursuit is the same weig...

The 7 Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil You Need to Know About

purple bottle of lavender essential oil with lavender flowers
7 Benefits of lavender essential oil