Switch to Safe: The Critical Reasons to Use Aluminum-Free Deodorant

You just reached the end of the line on your deodorant screw and you can see the plastic through the middle of your deodorant. Now you've got to orient the edge of the stick to your pits so you can get that full coverage you need today. This is what happens every time you start running out of deodorant. You knew you needed to go get some more but have been putting it off. Getting new deodorant is a pain and you've been telling yourself it's time to make the switch to something else, a deodorant that you don't feel queasy about putting on every day because of the chemicals in it. Who knows what they might be doing to your body?

If you've been using an antiperspirant, you've been subjecting yourself to aluminum on a daily basis for who knows how long. It's time to make the switch to a natural deodorant. To help, here's some useful information about why avoiding aluminum in deodorant is something you need to do.

From a biological perspective, I think the most useful information regarding aluminum is that it is the most prevalent mineral in the Earth's crust and yet not one living organism uses it for any biological process! Think about that. Our bodies have a use for gold. It uses copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and many other minerals but not aluminum. Maybe this is just a coincidence, you think but, no, aluminum isn't used because it's a neurotoxin that interferes with a cell's ability to function properly. We simply do not have a use for it yet, because of it's ability to be absorbed into sweat pores and clog them up, we use it in our deodorant. What are the potential costs to doing so?

Aluminum exposure may increase your risk of Alheimers. A study conducted in 2015 in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease found that Alheimer's patients had higher levels of aluminum in the brain, serum and cerebral spinal fluid. While no study has clearly and definitively associated the use of antiperspirants directly to Alzheimer's, it certainly does raise the question as to whether aluminum absorbed into the skin from commercial antiperspirants can potentially have an impact.

This may be of particular relevance to pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. What is consumed by the mother is passed on to the child. If we know that aluminum is a neurotoxin, why subject a developing child to something that interferes with nerve development? 



Aluminum causes pit stains on clothing. Those yellow pit stains on your white shirts? They're the result of aluminum reacting with the urea in your sweat. That reaction is then absorbed into your clothes and once that happens well, time to retire it. Say goodbye. Why not use deodorant with natural ingredients that you don't have to worry about pit stains with?

Aluminum may increase your risk of Breast cancer and other types of cancer. Aluminum causes changes to estrogen receptors in the body. These changes have caused a possible link to breast cancer with women being 100x more likely to get breast cancer than men. 

Other cancer risks may also be increased with commercial antiperspirant use as well due to it's ability to block up sweat pores. Sweating is a necessary process for the body to excrete toxins out of the body. When they're blocked up, those toxins are less likely to to removed from the body and more likely to cause cell damage and cause cancer.

Antiperspirant use increases your carbon footprint. The aluminum in antiperspirants must be mined out of the Earth. Strip mining for aluminum requires the removal of plants and trees to access the ore and as a result less carbon absorption takes place, contributing to global warming.

So, what are your options for making that switch to a natural deodorant? You could try Green Theory which uses 100% all natural ingredients and probiotics to keep you smelling great all day long. Rather than masking scent and clogging up sweat pores, Green Theory takes steps to prevent it naturally by altering the bacterial environment in your armpits through ten strains of probiotics, killing off the bad, odor causing bacteria with.....bacteria!

Say goodbye to all those toxins and the aluminum you've built up as well because Green Theory deodorants come with detoxifying bentonite clay in them that pulls toxins and aluminum OUT of the body! You get a daily detox each day just from putting on deodorant. 

To learn more and make the switch, head to our homepage HERE. We have deodorants for everyone. 

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