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The Benefits of Probiotic Deodorant

The Benefits of Probiotic Deodorant
It seems pretty clear that using deodorant has some self explanatory benefits. You smell better, you don’t sweat as much and thus, you gain confid...

Does Probiotic Skin Care Work?

blog post cover image of woman applying skin care product to her face with the title of the article and the green theory logo pictured
Is it worth it? Should you give probiotics a try?

Probiotics and Body Odor

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Body odor may not be what you think it is. Theres a strong link between the bacteria on our skin and our health. Here you'll learn why a probiotic deodorant may be safer and more effective in the long term than a commercial deodorant.

5 Reasons Real Men Switch to Natural Deodorant

anxious man sitting at the edge of a bed with disappointed woman in the background
Why you should make the switch too.

Is Natural Deodorant Good for People With Sensitive Skin?

man touching his face and applying cream
Here, we address the question "Is natural deodorant good for people with sensitive skin".