5 Reasons Real Men Switch to Natural Deodorant

Let’s just be straight - nobody likes body odor. It’s pretty unappealing. It’s not going to help you win many friends and probably won’t help you find a mate either. Because of this, 85% of men have made the choice to wear some form of deodorant/antiperspirant on a daily basis. Now, it’s probably the same scent and brand that you wore back in high school - we get it, change is tough and why change something that works right? The problem is that the same old deodorant you’ve been using for years might not be very healthy for you and just might be killing your manliness. Some of the ingredients of your same old deodorant from high school might even be associated with cancer…..you down with that, bro?

A lot has changed for you since high school, right? There’s a better option than that synthetically scented Old Spice these days. Natural deodorant for men has changed too. Look, we get it, natural deodorants are for hippies and weirdos that wear tin hats. It was that little twerp with acne all over his face back in the day. Here’s the deal though; that natural deodorant from days past hit the gym and grew up and now he can probably outlift and outrun you. Things have changed. You would too if you were a real man. Why? Let’s talk about it.

Sweating is not only manly but also important to your health

Sweating has long been a sign of manliness….that’s why it’s called “sweating” and not “glowing”. You don’t glow, do you? Well, that antiperspirant you’ve been using to stop yourself from sweating contains aluminum. You know what aluminum is good for? Making beer cans. Aluminum is the most prevalent mineral in the Earth’s crust and yet not a single living organism uses it for a single biological function. It’s a neurotoxin and has been linked to a variety of health conditions you don’t want. You can read more about aluminum in deodorant in our blog, Why You Don’t Want Aluminum in Your Deodorant. Natural deodorants offer a better and safer alternative to keeping body odor away.

Sweat doesn’t even smell bad

It doesn’t smell like anything. It’s a natural body process used for cooling the body down and flushing toxins out of the body. When you plug up your sweat glands with the aluminum chloride in your antiperspirant, you’re exposing yourself to aluminum and not really helping the BO problem. The problem that causes body odor is bacteria that live in the armpits. Not all bacteria are “bad”, only certain kinds are. The bad ones produce “thioalcohols” from feeding on sweat and their waste is what causes the smell you know as BO. The amount of these bad bacteria that live in your pits varies by individual and that’s why we all have different smelling and different intensities of BO. Rather than choosing a product that blocks a biological process, a safer option is to choose a natural product that neutralizes odor naturally.

Smell good naturally

Alright, we’ll admit it, those commercially processed deodorants do smell pretty darn good but if you think it’s impossible to smell good without synthetically produced scents, think again my friend. Natural deodorants, or, at least most of them, including Green Theory are scented with essential oils and not synthetic fragrances. Those fragrances could be creating a whole host of problems for you including migraines and skin irritation. You don’t wanna be the guy that’s always itching his pits, do you? Are you that guy now? It’s probably a reaction to the chemicals in your Old Spice or the fragrances used.

The great thing about natural deodorant for men now is that the scents are so customizable. There are hundreds of essential oils available and the combinations and ratios in  these oils are pretty much endless. Green Theory natural deodorants for men in particular, cater mostly to those masculine, woodsy, earthy scents that appeal to men but, you can find something that will appeal to you anywhere on the internet. 

If synthetic, cologne-like fragrance is what you want and it doesn’t affect you well then, Green Theory has you covered for that too with our After Dark collection of mens deodorants that use a combination of natural and artificial fragrances to smell like certain colognes.

Ditch the white shirt pit stains

Who doesn’t love a good white t-shirt? Well, they’re cool until you ruin them with those yellow pit stains that your commercial antiperspirant is causing. Remember that good for nothin’ aluminum we talked about earlier? Remember that bacteria that causes BO? Well, those two combined with oxygen and you throwing that white shirt in the hamper for a week before you get around to washing it are what’s causing the yellow stains on your shirts. Ditch the aluminum in your deodorant with an all natural mens deodorant and voila! Problems gone.

Real men care about their health

It’s not cool to be sick, weak, fatigued, impotent and low energy but that’s exactly what your commercial deodorant might be doing to you? Think we’re lying? Check out our blog post Why Commercial Deodorant Is Killing Your Manliness. Likely, you have some form of family in your life. You might have a wife and kids or just be a brother, son or uncle. Either way, isn’t the most responsible thing you could do to for them is simply be available? You can’t do that if you’re sick or dead. Now that you’re not in high school anymore and you’re ready to make some changes, demonstrating self care is a good place to start.

Real men prioritize their health and well-being, and one significant way they do this is by choosing a natural deodorant for men. Conventional deodorants often contain harmful chemicals like aluminum, which has been linked to various health concerns. By opting for an aluminum-free deodorant for men, individuals can avoid potential risks and safeguard their health. Additionally, the rise of probiotic deodorant for men offers a natural alternative that not only combats odor effectively but also supports the body's natural microbiome, promoting overall health and wellness.

In today's society, being manly isn't just about physical strength and toughness; it's also about taking responsibility for one's health. Real men understand that using commercial deodorants laden with harmful chemicals compromises their health and vitality. In a world where demands are high and responsibilities abound, it's crucial to prioritize self-care to ensure longevity and vitality. By making the switch to natural deodorant for men, individuals demonstrate their commitment to their own well-being, setting a positive example for those around them.

Moreover, natural deodorants cater specifically to the needs and preferences of men, offering scents and formulations that exude masculinity. Gone are the days when natural products were associated solely with femininity; now, manly scents like cedarwood, sandalwood, and citrus dominate the market, appealing to the modern man who seeks both efficacy and sophistication in his grooming routine. With the availability of a wide range of options, men no longer have to compromise on scent or effectiveness when choosing natural deodorant.

Additionally, the rise of probiotic deodorant for men offers a unique approach to odor control by harnessing the power of beneficial bacteria. Probiotic deodorants work by promoting a healthy balance of bacteria on the skin's surface, effectively neutralizing odor-causing bacteria without the need for harsh chemicals. This innovative approach not only provides long-lasting odor protection but also supports skin health, making it an attractive option for men seeking a holistic approach to grooming.

Time to put your big boy pants on 

So, where do you start with natural deodorant for men? Why Green Theory, of course! Green Theory natural probiotic deodorants for men are made with 100% all natural ingredients! No chemicals, no toxins, no stink. It’s fresh pits and peace of mind. What sets us apart is our combined use of probiotics and bentonite clay. Remember those pesky thioalcohol-producing bacteria we talked about? What Green Theory does is add new bacteria to your pits that don’t produce BO. These ten different strains invade the bad bacteria’s territory like the United States taking back France in the Normandy invasion. They just kick ass, who cares about the names? Next, all those toxins you’re exposed to on a daily basis and especially the ones you’ve been clogging your pits with since high school we suck out with the detoxifying power of bentonite clay. When bentonite clay contacts moisture, it reverses its electrical charge and attracts toxins out of the body. You get a daily little detox just by wearing deodorant everyday.

Are you a manly man? We donate 10% of our net profits to environmentally conscious  organizations to help keep our environment healthy too. We’re just cleaning up everywhere! Join the thousands of other who have made the switch to natural deodorant and Green Theory. Just for making it to the end, here’s 10% off your first order. Use code GTMANLY at checkout. Oh, and sign up for our newsletter down below! High five!

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