The Easiest Way to Convert Your Friends and Family Over to Natural Products're fully committed. You've made the switch over to as many natural products as you can. Fantastic! Great job. You need no convincing over the benefits or effectiveness of natural products. You're free from slowly poisoning yourself on a daily basis but what about the other people in your life that you care deeply about who aren't yet with you? 

Let's face it, natural products come with the stygma that they're just for hippies and they don't work. While the infancy of the natural product movement may have been marred by ineffectiveness, it's no longer the truth today. We have tons of brands of natural products whether they're food, beauty or cleaning products that have been demonstrated to be just as effective as the toxic, chemical-laden counterparts on the shelf. Many of these brands are so effective, big business has acquired them for millions of dollars. They work! The thing is, not everyone thinks like you or I, and so how might you go about convincing those you love to make the switch? Here's some tips along with some benefits of natural products.

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Educate them on how to use natural products

Natural products are different. They require different methods to get the desired effects. Think of the jar of all natural peanut butter; it's just as good as the commerical stuff but sometimes if it's left somewhere warm or not used for a period of time, the ingredients start to separate. This, as we know is completely normal and requires simply mixing everything back up together. No big deal. Most natural products have some form of technique to them. At Green Theory, our deodorants are made from all natural ingredients, including oils. They get soft if left in the heat and while this might look unsightly, simply keeping it in a location where it wont heat up, prevents this from happening. It also requires a little body heat to get going. You can't just hold it right to your skin and swipe for the most effectiveness but if you hold it to the skin for 4-5 seconds before swiping the ease of application dramatically increases. 

Knowing how to use natural products and being able to educate your friends and family members on what to expect goes a long way in them being able to assimilate the products into their life.

If natural deodorant is part of that switch, send them to our blog post on making the switch!

Discuss the risks of using toxic products

Nobody likes a sermon. Don't do that. In fact, if you do, as you're talking, your friends are imagining you with a little tinfoil hat on your head as you talk. It doesn't work with most people. What does is being real and honest about your care for them. Informing them about the toxic ingredients in the products they're currently using while expressing your desire to have them live a long, happy and healthy life will get you a lot further. Be prepared with some of the information about the chemicals but for most people, simply discussing the risks of some of them will be good enough. Among these harmful substances are parabens, phthalates, and triclosan, which can disrupt hormonal balance, cause reproductive issues, and even increase the risk of cancer. Educating your loved ones on the potential health hazards these ingredients pose could be a crucial step towards their wellness journey.

Another major concern is the environmental impact of synthetic chemicals. Ingredients like oxybenzone found in many sunscreens can cause coral bleaching and are toxic to marine life. By choosing eco-friendly, natural alternatives, you're not only safeguarding your family's health but also contributing to the preservation of our environment.

An industrial scene showing the production of commercially made deodorant, with a robot mixing harsh chemicals into a deodorant stick amid dark surroundings filled with smoke, symbolizing the toxicity associated with synthetic products.

Be prepared with some of the information about the chemicals but for most people, simply discussing the risks of some of them will be good enough.

Of course, you can brush up on your understanding of the toxic chemicals in commercial deodorant by reading our blog post Meet the 6 Toxic Chemicals in Your Commercial Deodorant.

Refer them to the brands you already use

Switching to natural products can be a daunting task for some. It's simply too confusing and potentially frustrating to go through trying to figure out which brands to choose. In this case, you're the greatest resource they have! You've already gone through that process and discovered the brands that work for you as well as how to use them. Share this knowledge with them as it makes their change a lot easier. 

Many companies offer referral programs, including Green Theory where you can both save money by making referrals. It's easy to take advantage of these programs and it creates a little more buy in to the product and the changes that come with it.

Take advantage of multi pack or larger cart size sales

Even after going through the above suggestions, some people are still going to be cautious and stubborn. Help them get over the hump and purchase the product for them while you make your next purchase. Many natural product companies are always looking to expand their customer base and in doing so offer sales or multi pack deals. Why not make the purchase for them and give it to them as a gift? Green Theory offers $2 off any order of two or more items with code GTSTOCKUP at checkout. It makes a great stocking stuff or small gift any time for those that you love, care about and want to make the switch!

Your turn! Tell us what made you make the switch to natural or what techniques you used to get others to do so! Comment below!

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