Is Natural Deodorant Good for People With Sensitive Skin?

There's nothing wrong with you. You have sensitive skin, a condition in which dermatologists report nearly 50% of all their patients complain of. The number of people with sensitive skin seems to be growing yearly as our skin revolts from all the chemicals and synthetically produced ingredients we subject it to on a daily basis. It's our first line of defense on our body and so it gets treated pretty rough sometimes. Men seem to be experiencing the effects of sensitive skin more now than ever before. Even in 2001, a study conducted in the UK showed that nearly 40% of men have sensitive skin. Man or woman, it can be both irritating (pun intended) to have to deal with the effects of sensitive skin and confusing as to which products will give you a reaction.

First, before we deterimine whether natural deodorant is good for people with sensitve skin let's define what exactly it means to have sensitive skin. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) has found that most people who identify themselves as having sensitive skin suffer from one or more underlying conditions:

  • Acne - Oily skin with high levels of certain bacteria
  • Rosacea - Ruddy complexion frequently marked by broken blood vessels and pimples
  • Stinging - A burning or "pins and needles" reaction to certain common ingredients (often acids) in skin care products and cosmetics
  • Contact dermatitis - Irritation or allergic reaction triggered by any number of natural or chemical ingredients such as fragrances, preservatives, detergents, oils and extracts [source: AAD].

a middle-aged Caucasian man with sensitive skin. You can see the details such as redness and delicate features in his appearance.

For the purposes of this article, we're looking at contact dermatitis and how it relates to deodorant and whether natural deodorant is good for people with sensitive skin.

Skin sensitivity to deodorant usually manifests itself with the following symptoms; redness, burning, bumps and itching but can be as serious as blistering, peeling or flaking of the skin. 

In commercially produced deodorant, the most usual suspects for these reactions are the chemicals contained within the product. To learn more about the toxic chemicals used in commercial deodorant you can check out our blog post Meet the 6 Toxic Chemicals In Your Commercial Deodorant. While you're at it, learn about how commercial deodorant kills manliness as well.

Is Natural Deodorant Good For People With Sensitive Skin?

Many people wonder if natural deodorant is good for people with sensitive skin. The short answer is YES! Natural deodorant can be great for people with sensitive skin and there are a wide array of products available for those seeking aluminum-free, unscented, and probiotic deodorants.

Before going into more detail about why natural deodorant may be beneficial for people with sensitive skin, we should first discuss what makes deodorant so essential in the first place. Human sweat does not carry a bad odor. Instead, it takes a reaction with bacteria that produce a body odour. Deodorants help to stop, or at least reduce, the production of odour by eliminating the bacteria that cause it.

Now that you understand why deodorant is necessary, let’s discuss why natural, aluminum-free and probiotic deodorants are becoming popular, especially for those with sensitive skin. Many mainstream deodorants contain aluminum and other chemicals that may be irritating to sensitive skin. Natural deodorants, on the other hand, are free of these harsh chemicals and provide just as much, or even more, protection against body odor. Additionally, natural deodorants often come with additional benefits, such as probiotics.

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that help to rebalance the skin’s natural bacteria and reduce body odour. They also help to exfoliate and moisturize the skin and can even help to reduce inflammation and redness that is common with sensitive skin. Since probiotic deodorants are formulated specifically for sensitive skin, they are usually safe and beneficial for those with sensitive skin. It is important that those with sensitive skin do their research before committing to a natural deodorant.

There are many natural deodorants on the market, but it is essential to read through each ingredient list to ensure there won’t be a reaction. Additionally, since natural deodorants often don’t contain aluminum, they may not work as well as an antiperspirant and may need to be reapplied more frequently.

Finally, it is important to understand that everyone’s skin is different and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Natural, aluminum-free and probiotic deodorants are becoming increasingly popular, but some people find that traditional products work best for their sensitive skin. The only way to know what works best is to experiment and determine what works best for your body.

But...Natural Deodorant Makes My Skin Irritated Too!

This does happen. In the vast majority of these cases, the most likely culprit (assuming you've eliminated other causes like an allergic reaction to an ingredient) is the baking soda in natural deodorants. Many brands, including Green Thoery Naturals use the odor fighting ability of baking soda to reduce body odor. Baking soda is quite simply the best ingredient to fight odor but, its not the only ingredient furthermore, the amount of baking soda present across brands is variable. Some brands use baking soda as a second or third ingredient. Optimally, youre looking for baking soda somewhere in the middle of the ingredients list. With Green Theory Naturals' deodorant, thats where we put it because we have other ingredients like bentonite clay and the probiotics to help our products stop odor in its tracks. We also offer a promise to all customers that if they purchase and baking soda containing deodorant from us and get skin irritation, we will send a free stick of our baking soda free version, Mojito. It's made with all th same ingredients as our standard deodorants except without baking soda. The baking soda in Mojito is replaced by magnesium hydroxide and zinc oxide. 

Is Natural Deodorant Good For People With Sensitive Skin?

In conclusion, natural deodorant can indeed be good for people with sensitive skin – and an even better choice for those looking for aluminum-free, unscented and probiotic deodorants. While traditional deodorants are not necessarily bad for people with sensitive skin, many people find that natural deodorants are the best solution for reducing body odour without irritating their skin. As mentioned above, it is important to do your research and experiment to find the perfect deodorant for your body.

At Green Theory Naturals, we're strong believers that natural doesnt have to mean "inferior" or less than. In fact, our entire goal is to become the new face of natural by changing this out of date narrative. We're challenging the industry by not only creating products that are truly natural, unlike many of our so called "natural" competitors but, products that are actually good for you! To learn more about how we're doing this, click the logo or any of the menu items above that interest you. Join the club of our thousands of happy customers!

For those of you with highly sensitve skin, our baking soda free version, Mojito will be your absolute best option.


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