Radiant Probiotic Deodorant - A Rose Explosion For the Senses

From Fragrancex.com:

"Topping one of the world’s most popular fragrances is a daunting challenge, but Flowerbomb Rose Explosion picks up the gauntlet and comes out victorious. This Oriental aroma adds a Middle Eastern twist to the original Flowerbomb scent to produce a vibrant exoticism that captivates as it seduces. Fresh, light and invigorating, this evening fragrance is prepared to dominate the room and dance the night away no matter the time of year. Its perfume pyramid builds upon the power of fours, with the top notes being pink pepper, saffron, Mandarin orange and bergamot. Luxurious heart notes feature olive, jasmine, Moroccan rose and Turkish rose. Warm base notes include oud, patchouli, vanilla and amber. This head-turning fragrance launched in 2013."

Customers say:

Most unique and long lasting oud/ rose perfume ever

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