Never Forget to Wear Cologne or Perfume Again!'ve got that awesome smelling bottle of Dior: Poison Girl perfume or, Versace: Eros cologne that your significant other loves when you wear. The problem is that you're just not all that into wearing it and so, you forget to give yourself a little spritz before you walk out the door. It happens. You get distracted, maybe you keep your fragrance on your dresser that's not in the bathroom and you just forget all the time. What if you didn't have to remember to put it on? What if it was already incorporated into something that is already part of your daily ritual? There is. 

Green Theory has your back. Assuming you wear deodorant on a daily basis, you'll never again forget to wear those attractive scents when you want the attention you deserve.

In addition to our Daily Wear collections for both men and women, Green Theory offers After Dark (Men) and Evening Wear (Women) collections that are matched to colognes and perfumes already! 

These invigorating scents come right in your deodorant and contain the characteristics of the following scents:

Men's After Dark

Anteros - Jimmy Choo: Man Intense

Kama - Ed Hardy: Love Is...

Narcissus - Y'ves St. Laurent: L'homme

Neptune - Versace: Eros

Zephyrus - Chrome: Azzaro


Womens Evening Wear

Empower - Dior: Poison Girl

Inspire: Y'ves St. Laurent: Mon Paris

Radiant - Flower Bomb: Rose Explosion


These scents are perfect for occasions where commanding attention is what you desire. A hot date? Night on the town? Spring break on the beach? We got it. Just don't blame us when you constantly have to answer to all the comments about how great you smell!

For those situations that a more neutral, subtle but still fresh smelling scent is desired, we also have daily wear scents for both men and women as well.

All Green Theory Probiotic Deodorants are made with 100% natural ingredients, no chemicals, parabens or aluminum. We use the odor fighting power of probiotics to keep you fresh all day and the detoxifying capability of bentonite clay to make you healthier just by wearing deodorant.

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