Improving Your Health from the Outside

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These days, we face ever-present threats to our health with pandemics, environmental toxins and chemicals and the food we consume and so it’s paramount that one continues to be mindful of the things we do actually have control over that influence our health. 

In recent years the trend has been moving towards products and ingredients that align better with our bodies by being made with natural ingredients; it's a much needed switch however, there’s a difference between products that are better for us and those that actually work to improve our existing health. Most of these products typically work from within but did you know it’s possible to enhance health from the outside too - and it's something most of us use daily? Deodorant.

Enter Green Theory Naturals. As the name implies, we’re a natural products company based in Eugene, Oregon. We started making deodorant back in 2018 with the focus of creating a product that wasn’t just better for you than the alternative of chemicals and aluminum but to improve one's health with the use of our products.

Yes, our products contain only natural ingredients which, in itself can be somewhat unique in the natural deodorant industry. There are many “natural” brands out there still using synthetic ingredients and types of aluminum like potassium alum that’s just a fancy name for a type aluminum found naturally in volcanic rock that still clogs up sweat pores; We call this “green washing” because these brands market it as a natural product but it really isn't.

Let us first address why aluminum and alum are bad for you. Aluminum, while being the most abundant mineral in the Earth’s crust, isn’t used by a single living organism for a single biological purpose anywhere. Why? It’s a neurotoxin that’s been linked to breast cancer, Alzheimer's disease, kidney and bone disorders and it mimics estrogen, the female sex hormone in the body. Furthermore, aluminum reacts with sweat and produces those unsightly yellow stains you get on light colored clothing.

For clarity, deodorants do not contain aluminum but antiperspirants do. On this basis alone, you do not want to use an antiperspirant plus, they’re not needed, as you’ll now see.

The real secret to keeping body odor away

What separates Green Theory’s formula from other natural deodorants out there is a combination of two ingredients. The first is probiotics and lots of them. While we were not the first company to put probiotics into deodorant, we do include more types than anyone else. Why probiotics in deodorant? Well, all of our bodies naturally contain bacteria that feeds off our sweat and some of these bacteria produce a by-product of this feeding process called “thioalcohols” and this is what we know as “body odor”. You see, it's not our sweat that stinks; it's the bacteria that feed off it but not all underarm bacteria produce “thioalcohols” and that’s where we come in. Our deodorant includes ten strains of 50 billion culture good bacteria that don’t produce odors and these bacteria set up a fight for living space with that bad odor producing bacteria you don’t want. They’re also healthy for the skin and help reduce razor burn.

Our second star ingredient is bentonite clay. This amazing volcanic clay has the ability to reverse it’s electrical charge when it comes into contact with moisture (think sweat here) and when this happens it attracts toxins and metals and pulls them out of the body! You get a daily, health improving detox just by wearing deodorant. What other deodorant on the market has the ability to improve your health?!

By avoiding bad, toxic ingredients, we can take a multi-faceted approach towards maximizing our health. Yes, diet and exercise will always be at the top of the list but we can also work to improve our health through external means as well. Deodorant from Green Theory Naturals is a fast, easy and effective way to start. It’s fresh pits and peace of mind with every swipe!

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