Does Probiotic Deodorant Work?

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You’ve decided to start making the switch to natural products, congratulations! You’re taking the first of some really significant steps to improving your health and longevity. Maybe your started getting a skin reaction from commercial deodorant, maybe you’re just sick of exposing yourself to potentially toxic materials on a daily basis or maybe you’ve been diagnosed with a disease caused by carcinogen exposure but regardless of your reasons you’re making the switch. Deodorant can be one of the easiest products to start with as they’ve become as effective at fighting odor while also being readily available. Now that you’ve made the decision, you’re faced with a few questions about the products currently on the market. One of those questions might center around “what’s the deal with probiotic deodorant?” or, “does probiotic deodorant work?” At Green Theory we get this question all the time so, let’s get it answered.

The theory behind probiotic deodorant lies in the fact that our armpits are essentially their own little unique ecosystem full of bacteria - don’t freak out, we’re covered in bacteria in fact, there are more bacteria on and in our bodies than their are cells that makes us up! Some of the bacteria that live in our pits are not so nice. It’s not their fault it’s just that they feed off our sweat and when they do, their waste contains what are called “thioalcohols” which we better know as stinky, unappealing body odor.

How much body odor we have, what it smells like and how quickly we produce it is an individual thing - we’re all different due to many factors. With this understanding the theory of a probiotic deodorant is simply one in which the probiotic deodorant is introducing new bacteria that does not produce thioalcohols to the underarm environment. These new bacteria basically compete for living space in your cozy armpits and make it an unhappy place for the bad, BO producing bacteria to live giving you fresher smelling pits for a longer amount of time once the new bacteria settle in. The side benefit to doing this and using a probiotic deodorant is also that you’re staying odor free without the use of chemicals like parabens or using aluminum to clog up your sweat pores as probiotic deodorants are also natural deodorants that use safe ingredients.

When making the switch to a natural deodorant and more specifically, a probiotic deodorant, there will be some short period of adjustment for the new environment in your armpits to stabilize. You need to be willing to commit to this adjustment period for the deodorant to really start working. For many, this could take as little as a few days and for others it may take up to two weeks - it’s not that you won’t have any odor protection during this time period as all natural probiotic deodorants rely on other ingredients to help do the work, it’s just that the full benefits of the switch won’t take place immediately. We recommend reading our blog post on what to expect when making the switch to natural deodorant to learn more.

All Green Theory natural deodorants contain probiotics as we strongly believe (as do our customers) in the power of probiotics in deodorant. They work. Our deodorants are made with all natural ingredients and beyond probiotics, also come with the bonus ingredient of bentonite clay which changes it’s electrical charge when it comes into contact with moisture thus actually attracting toxins out of the body! It’s a daily little detox that makes you healthier each day you wear it. For more information on bentonite clay click here. Today, you can save 15% off your first Green Theory order with code GTPROBIOTICDEO at checkout! Click the Green Theory link above to get your fresh pits and peace of mind today!

Have you used probiotic deodorant? Share your experiences with in the the comments below!

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