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Why Commercial Deodorant Is Killing Your Manliness

man wearing suit falling asleep in front of his computer
We`ve spent a lot of time on this blog focusing on the huge downsides of commercial deodorants as far as your health is concerned. We have also hig...

How Grapefruit Deodorant Will Help You Lose Weight and Other Benefits of Grapefruit Essential Oil

brown bottle of grapefruit essential oil surrounded by cut grapefruit
It has been well known for quite some time that grapefruit can aid in weight loss. What has become new information in this pursuit is the same weig...

The 7 Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil You Need to Know About

purple bottle of lavender essential oil with lavender flowers
7 Benefits of lavender essential oil

What is an Underarm Detox? Should I Give it a Try?

woman with upraised arm looking at her underarm
Today's topic is one that's probably a little foreign to many although being that you clicked on the article, no surprise, underarm detoxing. Yes, ...

10 Surprisingly Awesome Uses for Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil in a jar surrounded by coconuts
At Green Theory, we're interested in healthy lifestyles and doing whatever we can to live better. Many natural products offer solutions to problems...