front photo of Green Theory Radiant probiotic aluminum free natural deodorant for women. Stick is a sleek black plastic and is standind aginst a white background. Front label is a deep rose colored orb with a stylized frame around the border. At the top of the label is a stylized GT logo with the G being in the shape of a leaf. Under is "Radiant" with "fresh pits and peace of mind" written below and "non toxic", "aluminum free" and "paraben free" listed as priduct benefits
green theory radiant probiotic natural deodorant for women with an angular view of the front label. Stick is covered in water droplets and is standing against a white background
photo of greent theory radiant probiotic aluminum free natural deodorant against a pure white background with roses laid at the sides of the stick
green theory radiant probiotic natural aluminum free deodorant laying on a wood grain texture with two roses placed on each side and little white flowers sprinkled over the container
photo of green theory radiant probiotic natural aluminum free deodorant laying on a wood grain texture surrounded by rose petals
photo of deodorant laying on its back with the cap off depicting the texture of green theory natural probiotic deodorant.
photo of the back of Green Theory Radiant probiotic deodorant for women. From top to bottom, its divided into 4 sections. The top says fresh pits and peace of mind with five graphics of benefits. Under are the ingredients, directions for use, a reminder that the stick is recyclable and the green theory web page and social media pages

Green Theory Radiant Probiotic Natural Aluminum Free Deodorant

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A sweet, super floral and seductive scent with a light fresh cut rose feel. Remember that scene in "American Beauty" with the girl covered in rose petals? Yep, that's exactly how you'll feel wearing this delectable scent.  Radiant is an edgier, powerful scent with characteristics of perfume, meant for moments where commanding attention is desired.

Characteristics of Radiant natural deodorant:

Turkish Rose, Moroccan Rose, Mandarin, Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Saffron, Jasmine, Olive, Amber, Patchouli, Vanilla and Oud - Similar to Flower Bomb: Rose Explosion

    • All day advanced odor protection - Our formula is made to last for those with active lifestyles and you can feel good knowing you're no longer exposing your body to the harsh chemicals of commercial deodorant!
    • 100% natural ingredients- aluminum, paraben and alcohol free!
    • No more embarrassing yellow pit stains. We dont use aluminum which reacts with sweat leaving those pesky stains. 
    • Detoxifying bentonite clay - Bentonite clay reverses it's electrical charge when it contacts water resulting in it attracting toxins, pulling them out of the body. You get healthier by just wearing deodorant every day!
    • Odor killing probiotics - We use 10 strain, 50 billion culture probiotics that don't produce body odor to compete with natural underarm bacteria for living space which gives you longer lasting freshness!
    • Smooth and easy application - Just hold the deodorant to your underarm for 3-5 seconds to warm up the natural oils for an easy application. Goes on clear.
    • 100% satisfaction guarantee - Hate it after two weeks? We'll issue a full refund.
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