Why You Want Bentonite Clay in Your Natural Deodorant

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Clay in deodorant?! How would that make any sense? I know but hear me out here, there’s some pretty significant benefits to bentonite clay that you’re gonna want to know about.


First, let’s catch you up to speed as to what bentonite clay is in the first play. As you’d assume it’s a clay - big surprise. Bentonite clay was first “discovered” in 1898 in Fort Benton, Wyoming but in reality Hippocrates was writing about healing clays in 400 BCE with Aristotle doing that same 100 years later. It’s been around for awhile, in fact, the Fort Benton deposits were made between 488 and 2.6 million years. That’s a long time ago! Bentonite clay is formed when the tiny little glass particles in the clay are contacted by water and begin to age...over a long time. It’s also found in Montmorillon, France and can be known as Montmorillonite Clay, either way, it’s the same thing.

Alright, let’s get back to why you’d want bentonite clay in your natural deodorant; two properties, absorption and detoxification. Both of these qualities are a bit tied together and so let’s begin with detoxification.

You’ve heard the saying opposites attract - if you’re divorced, you know this as a bad thing but there can be some really good benefits to opposing qualities. Every bit of matter on the Earth is made up of molecules. If you’ve taken even basic chemistry, you may recall the term “ion”. An ion is a molecule that has either a positive or negative electrical charge to it. In general, negative ions are more healthy for humans than positives. You’ve experienced the impact of negative ions at some point in your life, most likely in the form of oxygen. Have you ever stood by a waterfall and experienced the sensation of being incredibly relaxed and how it changes your breathing? That’s because the air surrounding a waterfall can have 100,000 negatively charged ions in it while the average air sample has around 3,000. Polluted, city air can be more like 400 ions. 

Back to the natural deodorant benefits. So, bentonite clay has the amazing property of becoming a negatively charged ion when it’s contacted by water. In relation to deodorant, think about the water in your sweat. Once the bentonite clay becomes negatively charged it attracts positive ions which are things like free radicals, pollutants, impurities, viruses and toxins. While the bentonite clay isn’t actually absorbed through the skin, the positive ions pass through the skin and are eliminated from the body. You get a little daily detox just by wearing a natural deodorant containing bentonite clay!

Bentonite clay as alluded to above also has incredible absorption capabilities. Not only is is absorbing all those toxins and bad stuff from above but also your sweat. By helping to keep you dry, it’s fueling the detoxifying qualities of it. A double bonus!

Now the question is where can you get a natural deodorant that has bentonite clay in it? Well, you didn’t think we wrote this article to promote another brand, did you? Green Theory probiotic deodorant puts bentonite clay in every stick! We’ve combined all natural ingredients and the odor killing potential of probiotics with the benefits of bentonite clay to give you fresh pits and peace of mind, every day. What other deodorant actually makes you healthy just by wearing it?

To get started today, click on the men’s or women’s collection above that you desire! Welcome to the club!

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