Natural goes from just "healthy" to good for you

At Green Theory we believe that you deserve more out of the products than you use than just a feel good " natural" mention on the label. We're out to kick things up a notch to actually being GOOD FOR YOU with our all natural probiotic deodorant.

How could deodorant actually be good for you? Our star sidekick ingredient is bentonite clay which reverses it electrical charge when it contacts moisture which attracts toxins, pulling them out of the body. You get a daily detox just from wearing deodorant!

Green Theory products are handcrafted, small batch scents made in the Oregon for people of all walks of life. Our Daily Wear Collection as well as our Tree Scents feature scents made exclusively with 100% pure essential oils. The After Dark (mens) and Evening Wear (womens) are scented with fragrance oils to match cologne and perfumes.

Mens probiotic Deodorant
stack of green theory all natural probiotic deodorants. Pictured are original sin mens deodorant, inspire womens deodorant and anteros mens deodorant on a grey background. Deodorant sticks are a sleek black plastic container with large GT logo and scent
TRUly natural.

↣ ALUMINUM FREE - Aluminum in "antiperspirants" mimics estrogen in the body leading to fatigue, erectile dysfunction and gynecomastia or, "breast development" in men. It's also been linked to alzheimers.

↣ ODOR KILLING PROBIOTICS - Some bacteria in your underarms feeds on your sweat which produces body odor. We add 10 strains of good bacteria setting up a competition for living space, eradicating bad bacteria, giving you longer lasting and more effective odor protection.

↣ TRULY NATURAL -  You'll recognize or be able to read every ingredient on our list because they're actually natural. Bet you can't do that with other "natural" brands out there for men.

↣ HEALTHIER YOU - Bentonite clay reverses it's electrical charge when it contacts moisture, attracting toxins and pulling them out of the body.

↣ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Dont absolutely love it? Shoot us an email and get your money back.

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