The new face of natural deodorant for men

Each and every one of our small batch, aluminum free, probiotic deodorant scents for men contains an industry unique formula engineered to drive the highest, most reliable level of odor protection on the market - without any of the toxic chemicals of big industry products.

We're so sure you'll love it that if you've tried it for two weeks and its not the best natural deodorant you've ever had, we'll give you your money back. No. Questions. Asked.


I absolutely love this product! I have been buying Green Theory men's deodorant for several years now and have enjoyed it every day since. My favorite scents are Original Sin and Anteros, which is what I always come back for. It is nice to know that there is a great local, and natural product I can count on to keep me protected and smelling good throughout the day. ~Kevin R.


"This is my third time buying Green Theory products. Biohazard so far is my favorite. I'm a gym junkie and this stuff keeps me dry and smelling fresh the whole time. The best part is that it's all natural and chemical free. Five stars."
stack of green theory all natural probiotic deodorants. Pictured are original sin mens deodorant, inspire womens deodorant and anteros mens deodorant on a grey background. Deodorant sticks are a sleek black plastic container with large GT logo and scent

Green theory naturals

The most complete natural probiotic deodorant for men.

Why probiotics? Our bodies naturally contain bacteria that feeds off our sweat and some of these bacteria produce a by-product of this feeding process called “thioalcohols” and this is what we know as “body odor”. You see, it's not our sweat that stinks; it's the bacteria that feed off it but not all underarm bacteria produce “thioalcohols” and that’s where we come in. Our probiotic deodorant attacks body odor at the source. We include ten strains of 50 billion culture good bacteria that don’t produce odors and these bacteria set up a fight for living space with that bad odor producing bacteria you don’t want. You get longer lasting and more reliable odor protection.

Proudly made in eugene, oregon