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There is a better option.

When it comes to conventional, commercially produced deodorant, here are your choices:

  • A white, sticky residue filled with a bunch of ingredients you've never heard of and don't sound healthy (they're not) that most of the time doesn't last all day, blocks a normal biological process of perspiring and leaves white clumps of residue hanging off your armpits like a dogs fur that just came in from the snow. Gross.
  • A roll-on liquid that rips out your armpit hair and leaves you sweating just from the pain of putting it on. Nah.
  • The spray-on stuff kind that's like Mr. Freeze taking a shot at your pits first thing in the morning. Not how I want to wake up.
  • Lastly, other natural deodorants on the market. As a male, my options were extremely limited. I was intrigued by the idea of including probiotics with all the information that has been coming out on how beneficial they are but, that decreased my options even more.

There had to be a better option than this.

Why couldn't there be something out there that I could feel good about using? Why couldn't I find a natural deodorant that truly was made for males? I learned of people making their own deodorant in 2014 and was instantly sold on the fact that I could finally stop poisoning myself or turning into Batman to battle Mr. Freeze every morning.     

GREEN THEORY was born.

I did some research and ordered the ingredients to make my own deodorant and brought them over to a friends house to put together my first batch. I was proud of myself for trying something a little unconventional and later, very surprised at how effective the product I had made was. The friend of mine had saved the bowl and spoon I had made the first batch with and decided to try it out for himself. Four days later, he told me about saving the leftovers he had scraped from the bowl and how the deodorant I had made was the best he's ever used and couldn't believe it had lasted all day. The idea was born there in that apartment in Eugene, Oregon.

The foundation.

I've gone through trial after trial to get this stuff right and I'm proud to bring Green Theory probiotic deodorant to you so that you too can finally smell great AND feel good about what you're putting on your body everyday, regardless of what situation you're in. Green Theory is founded upon three core principles: Transparency - you know exactly what's in the product you're using,  Reliability - the effectiveness of our product and your satisfaction is extremely important to us and, Generosity - I'm not into greed. There are much more important things in life. We give back while getting our customers involved in the process (see our pledge). 

Shout out!

I couldn't have done this without the amazing support I've gotten from my family and friends through every step of the process. They have tried more formulations and scents of deodorant than most people come across in a lifetime.

We're a small startup and would like to thank you for joining our movement and having a little fun along the way. Deodorant is just the first step of this process. We aim to change how the world views natural products and the benefits they're capable of offering without chemicals. The world is an amazing place!

Green Theory's Vision: To change the way people view natural deodorant and natural products.

Green Theory's Mission: Promoting peace of mind and confidence within the individual through effective personal care products.

Give Green Theory a try and we're certain you'll find out why we are the safe, simple solution to deodorant.



Green Theory