Your 2019 New Years Resolution: Go Natural!

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It's January 2019! Happy New Year! For many of us the turn of the calendar offers the opportunity to not just flip the page but, for a fresh, new you. 2018 is sooo over with! It's the time of year where resolutions are made with great intention to be better - maybe it's to lose weight, eat a different diet, be a better person or any form of self love and care. Not everyone lives up to their hopeful image of who they'll be at this time next year, mainly because they establish unreasonable goals and can't incorporate small achievable goals into their lives. It's hard to get to the gym everyday when you have a full-time job and a family to raise. It's hard to be better when those around you aren't committed to the same goals as you. We've got a great, totally achievable goal for you this year: go natural!

Making the switch from commercial deodorants and antiperspirants to natural deodorant is a super easy way to make a change that lasts - you use it everyday (and if you don't your friends will probably let you know). You don't have to plan a special trip to do it or make some drastic change in your life. You do use deodorant every day, right? If not, disregard this message.

Why make the switch? Well, you care about yourself right (say yes)? Do you like poison (say no)?. Perfect! Stop poisoning yourself and show some self care by kicking the chemicals of your commercial deodorant and switch to a natural deodorant. If you'd like to learn about some of the toxic chemicals you can find in commerical deodorant, check out our blog post Meet the 6 Toxic Chemicals in Your Commercial Deodorant. There's a host of some pretty serious medical conditions that are associated with the chemicals used in commercial deodorant - none of which you want like, alzheimers, cancer, hormonal imbalances, chronic fatigue and a ton more.

Isn't natural deodorant just for tree huggers and hippies? Hah. No. It's for anyone that wants some control over what they slather onto their body everyday. Yes, it got a bit of a bad rap back in the day because it didn't work all the well. Times are different now. Green Theory uses all natural ingredients like most other natural deodorants but what sets us apart is our use of the odor fighting ability of probiotics and the dextoxifing power of bentonite clay. 

Think of your armpits as their own little ecosystem with all kinds of bacteria roaming around. They contain some bacteria that feed off your sweat and produce "thioalcohols" which results in the stink we know as body odor. When you add probiotics to that environment, you start a competition for space in your armpits and the more bacteria you have that doesn't produce thioalcohols, the less you stink and the more friends you have - it's true!

What if by wearing deodorant everyday you could also help your body flush out toxins? With Green Theory, you can! We put bentonite clay in every scent. The interesting thing about bentonite clay is that when it comes in contact with water (think sweat), it changes its electrical charge and attracts toxins, pulling them out of your body. You get healthier just by wearing it!

Ready to make the switch? You'll never go back! To fully prep you, we even have an article on what to expect when making the switch to natural deodorant that you can read. It'll give you the best possible experience and make the change last! Check it out. 

This year, show everyone you care and make the switch!



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