Why You Need Green Theory Probiotic Deodorant in Your Life

Looking to take control over what you put on your body everyday? In a world so clouded by synthetics and chemicals in everything, it's hard to know where to start making positive changes for your health. Deodorant is a great place to start! With so many potentially harmful chemicals in commercial deodorants, making the switch to a product that offers the same reliable odor protection but, with the added benefit of peace of mind is an excellent choice.

Most natural deodorants offer some form of the same ingredients in them but, there are a few ingredients in our formulation that you won’t find in combination anywhere else and this separates Green Theory probiotic deodorants from the competition:


These beneficial bacteria are all the rage these days in the ingestible form and have been shown to improve immunity, digestive and even mental health. Did you know that probiotics are also greatly beneficial to the skin? Probiotics applied directly to the skin create superior odor protection that lasts all day! You might be asking yourself "aren't bacteria what's responsible for body odor in the first place?" and yes, that is true however, there are only a few strains of bacteria that produce what are called "thioalcohols" which are what we know as "B.O.". By adding bacteria in the form of probiotics, they create an unhealthy environment for the “bad” bacteria that produce the “thioalcohols” responsible for B.O. and when those "bad" bacteria don't survive, you win! Odor free without any harsh chemicals at all!

Probiotics also form a “bacterial shield” on the skin which protects you from razor burn, redness, inflammation and pimples. Furthermore, they contribute to building collagen and improving skin texture to give you that healthy, glowing skin look!

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay is a volcanic ash mostly known for making a great facial clay mask. The benefits of using it in a deodorant however, are amazing! Bentonite clay changes its electrical charge when it comes in contact with water (perspiration) and when it does, it attracts metals and other toxins to it, pulling them out of the body. It’s a great way to detoxify the body from the harmful chemicals of commercial deodorants! You actually get healthier by using it daily! It’s also a great moisture absorber that helps to keep pesky perspiration in check.

Green Theory probiotic deodorants are made with 100% natural ingredients that you know and can feel good about. These ingredients include skin healthy, antimicrobial oils such as beeswax, coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter and vitamin E oil. Our deodorants contain odor fighting baking soda and perspiration absorbing arrowroot powder. The fresh and unique scents in Green Theory deodorants come from naturally occurring essential oils that enhance your experience.

Kick the chemicals and take control over what you put on your body! With men’s, women’s and even hunting deodorants, Green Theory’s robust collection of refreshing and invigorating scents are perfect for whatever situation you find yourself in.

To learn more about our ingredients, see our Ingredients page.

It’s fresh pits and peace of mind. Go natural, Go Green Theory!



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