Customer Spotlight: Amy Kobos

This month we meet Amy Kobos, a multi-talented (and super ambitious) soap maker at White Squirrel Soaps! (they're great soaps FYI)

How did you hear about Green Theory?

I was taking a break at work going through my Instagram feed and caught Rick Dancer (on IG-TV) putting on your deodorant in his teaser video! I was like, “This is interesting! Who makes this?! And, there’s a guy out there who makes natural deodorants? And, he’s local?” It was at this point when I thought, “Now males can get on board with being socially okay with buying natural products in the mainstream! Bring it on, dude!”  

What was your first impression when you tried it?
Relieved, refreshed, and amazed.

The first thing I do when I pick up a product is read the ingredient label. That’s part of the experience for me. I was relieved to know that everything in the Green Theory deodorant stick I purchased was all natural (using essential oils for scent). Plus, when I put it on, it was easy.

The combination of essential oils Tim uses in the Lavender/Evergreen stick pairs well with my sense of adventure and calmness. It reminds me of hiking in the Pacific Northwest and being at a spa at the same time. And, me being the Libra I am, it helps create the perfect balance and refreshment I need, especially on the days where I am more active and stressed.

Amazingly, Green Theory’s formulation lasts ALL day and even into the next day (if you don’t shower, of course!). It’s one of the best natural deodorant brands I’ve ever used.

I even put it to the test for two weeks. And, it surpassed my expectations with regard to longevity, antiperspirant, and anti-stain.

7-mile hike: A+
Dancing to ska music for 3 hours: A+
Roller blading: A+
Soapmaking (5-days straight of 12-hour shifts): A+

Hugging my friends and relatives over the holidays: A+

Black Shirt test: A+ (No stains or leftover residual!)

Favorite Green Theory Scent?

I have only tried the Lavender/Evergreen scent, and it’s fabulous!

Why is using natural products important to you?

I give a hoot about the simple things in life. I care about quality, and I care about my health. And, it’s a plus when I can support small businesses who give a hoot.

What you see in the mainstream stores and in the media are usually chemically-laden products that are full of endocrine disruptors (chemicals that mimic estrogen and other hormones), and are often made with cheap and abrasive elements that irk my senses. I’m a highly sensitive person, so I’ll break out or my skin will get super dry if I use crap products. Plus, natural products typically last longer - therefore you get more bang for your buck.

BONUS: By using natural products, it helps connect your mind and body to the people who make them! It’s all about nourishing the relationship(s) with what/who is around you. Our environment plays a huge impact into our well-being on so many levels.

Let’s get to know you. What’s your home state and what do you do for a living?

I spent most of my life in Hendersonville, North Carolina (a little quaint town about 25 minutes south of Asheville). But, I’m an avid traveler and like to go where the tourists don’t go! My favorite place to frequent now is the Pacific Northwest coast. It feels like my home away from home! Let’s just say I’m obsessed with rainforests.

I’m a certified wellness practitioner and integrative nutrition health coach who works in curriculum development for the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. But, it doesn’t stop there. I’m also an entrepreneur (it’s in my blood). I own and operate White Squirrel Soaps (, and I write articles for my wellness blog, Kiss My Wellness (

P.S. I have a bunch of white squirrels that live in the backyard of my North Carolina home!

What else do you do to keep yourself busy?
Aside from my full-time work and side hustles, I feel like I’m in a constant state of de-cluttering. LOL. Seriously, if you come inside my house, you’ll always find a section of my house being cleaned out. I also do this for my mind every single day. I need that quiet time (or nature/exercise time) to decompress my thoughts so I can feel refreshed each and every day. It’s one of the most effective ways to create a true sense of balance in my life.

Most amazing life experience?

Struggling growing up in a low-income family. I couldn’t ask for anything more. I oftentimes feel more privileged than the “privileged” – because struggling is what helped me figure out how to deal with life and to pick myself back up. Money cannot buy life skills or build quality relationships with people. My bio-parents didn’t help financially or emotionally with much (my father was a neglectful alcoholic and my mom left when I was 9. No need to feel sorry for me. We have a great relationship now). I thank them often for making me struggle and becoming the strong woman I am today. You can either forgive or hold onto grudges. My father always told me, “You have two arms and two legs, you go and do it.”

And, so I did: I put myself through college (I paid every cent of college myself, even though it took me 15 years to receive my bachelor’s degree!). I bought my first house at 24. And, it was my own hard-earned money I saved that allowed me to travel the world and invest in my business. Skydiving, swimming in the most exotic places on the earth, and hanging out with celebrities cannot compare.

What are your favorite hobbies?

Cooking, playing guitar, and macro-photography. These are hobbies because my business brain doesn’t say, “I should make a business out of my cooking skills or teaching guitar lessons.” Ha!

Favorite animal?

Samoyeds. No other animal makes me as happy. They’re full of energy just like me. I just ordered a tank top that reads, “Life is better with Samoyeds!” The shirt design is so cheesy, and I don’t care! I’ll probably keep wearing it until I’m 85!  

Do you have any hidden talents or weird facts about yourself you can share?

Ha ha! I’m quite the comedian and possess quick wit! I’ll leave it at that!

Here’s a chance for you to do some shameless self-promotion. What do you do that you want the internet to know about?

I want everyone out there to enjoy good quality products (my soap! White Squirrel Soaps) and to not be afraid to invest in it. You’d be supporting a brand (White Squirrel Soaps) and an individual who invests her time into making the world a better place through health and wellness promotion and motivating others to become their best possible selves.

I always tell people, “You’re going to spend $5-8 on a fancy coffee drink or beer that typically doesn’t last more than 30 minutes, so why not invest in a high-quality soap that lasts you 30 days or more?!”

White Squirrel Soaps

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