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  • Does this stuff actually work? I wouldn't have started this business if it didn't work and I didn't believe in it. When we think of natural products, especially deodorant, it often gets associated with inferior, hippie-type stuff that kinda-sorta works but for the normal, commercial deodorant user, it sucks. I set out to simply make deodorants that I have confidence in and feel good about wearing - they're for everyone! I've tried to create scents that have a much broader appeal than the other natural deodorants on the market - especially for men. I've worked at consistently improving the product and have gotten as many people to test it out and give valuable feedback before launching. 
  • Do I use this product differently than commercial deodorants? The only difference in using Green Theory deodorants is that initially you should hold the deodorant to the skin for a few seconds to warm up the natural ingredients. As normal, make a few swipes and carry on with your day.
  • How long will one 2.65oz container last? If used daily (recommended), one container should last 2-3 months. 
  • Does Green Theory deodorant contain anything harmful like aluminum, parabens, pthalates, propylene-glycol and other chemicals? Quite simply, no. I created Green Theory deodorants as a solution to my problems and getting away from harmful chemicals on my body. For a list of ingredients and their benefits, see our ingredients panel in the "About Us" section.
  • Is Green Theory an antiperspirant? Technically, since we don't use aluminum in the deodorant, no. Aluminum blocks the sweat glands from doing their natural process of, well...sweating. We do use ingredients that absorb moisture and are known to fight odor, however. You may feel yourself sweat a little more at first but, absent of the smell.
  • What are Green Theory deodorants scented with? We use essential oils and naturally derived fragrances (from plants) in our scents. Our scents are unique to the market and tailored to a variety of situations you may find yourself in life.
  • Im switching from commercial deodorant to Green Theory. I've heard about underarm detox, is this a real thing? First of all, congratulations for taking a small but important step in taking care of your body (nobody likes cancer)!  An underarm detox can be an experience some people experience, particularly if you're switching from an antiperspirant deodorant to a natural one that doesn't include aluminum. In such cases, the body purges itself of the accumulated aluminum molecules which results in more sweating for a period of a few day to a week. Its a normal process. Many others don't experience any change at all.
  • Will Green Theory melt at high temperatures? It can. We recommend that you store your deodorant in a cool location, especially in the summer months. We formulated the ingredients to resist melting in hot temperatures but, its made with natural oils and will soften in really hot summer days (like, over 95 degrees). This can be avoided by storing your deodorant in a cool location, out of the sunlight.
  • Will Green Theory deodorant stain my clothing? We have formulated it to not. Those pit stains you find on white clothing come from the aluminum used in antiperspirants and the urea that's produced in sweat. We don't use aluminum in our deodorant so, good there. Some other precautions you can take to prevent any staining are not over applying and not applying deodorant to moist or wet underarms. Oil and water do not mix. Our deodorants are made with oils so, when you put it on over water, it bonds less to the skin and can end up on your clothes which will ultimately wash out.